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15 Best Facebook Business Page Tips


Social media is arguably the most popular and profitable platform where a business can target its genuine audience and market its products and services on a daily basis. Regardless of the size of your business, social media marketing will help you build an ongoing relationship with your clients by interacting and connecting directly on a personal level.

There are different types of social media sites that can give your business a lead and identity: Video Sharing (Vimeo, YouTube), Photo Sharing (Pinterest, Instagram), Microblogging (Tumblr, Twitter) and Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn).

Facebook features that can help you with brand awareness include Facebook pages, groups, games, events and campaigns. This article will focus on Facebook Pages.

If you’re looking to optimize your Facebook business page, you’ve come to the right place.


Why Should My Business Be Investing In Facebook Marketing?

With over 2.32 billion monthly active users (MAU), Facebook is the king of social media. Let that sink in.

Even though some younger demographics prefer tools like Snapchat and Instagram at the expense of Facebook, it still dominates the market. According to Alexa, it is the third most popular website globally, after Google and YouTube. The giant social networking site Facebook multiplies its users by thousands every day making it a powerful tool for connection. It represents a continually evolving communication channel and marketing platform that businesses use to make well-informed, digitally driven decisions.

Creating a Facebook business page is quite convenient for any business, as it will let you communicate and retain your customers.

To understand just how big Facebook is, let’s have a quick look at some key relevant statistics:

  • There are 1.52 billion daily active users on Facebook
  • Over 75 million monthly active users watch at least 1 minute of video daily
  • Average time spent on every Facebook visit is 35 minutes
  • 42% of marketers believe that Facebook is vital to their business
  • Facebook has a 19.7% share in the global digital advertising market
  • There are over 60 million active Business Pages on Facebook globally
  • There are 45 million social media users in the UK, with 35-40 million being daily active users on Facebook
    1.1 billion Facebook users speak English
  • The average engagement rate for a video post is 6.96%, 5.48% for a photo post and 3.82% for a Facebook post in the UK
  • The average UK Facebook user shares 1 post, likes 11 posts, makes 6 comments and clicks on 13 ads in a 30-day period
  • The above statistics show that Facebook is too big to overlook as a continuing part of your digital marketing communication program.

Facebook marketing should be easy enough, right? Just fill in the basics, upload a profile photo, post a couple of posts and wait for customers and leads to start streaming in, right? WRONG! Simply creating a Facebook page isn’t enough – at least not in 2019.

To successfully market your business on Facebook, you need to be familiar with the unique opportunities Facebook offers, and how it differs from other social sites.

Just like you wouldn’t run a radio ad on TV, you should not advertise on Facebook the way you’d market on your website or magazine.

The rules and algorithms also change quickly, meaning you have to be up to date with the current trends to stay ahead of your competition.

If a click on your business page’s info or wall doesn’t fascinate the visitor, chances are high that they may leave the page. As soon as a prospect likes your business page, they will receive regular feeds and updates, which is a win for you.

But it doesn’t end there. In this article, I will highlight 15 of the Best Facebook Business Page Tips and Tricks of 2019 to help you make the most out of your marketing strategies.


1. Create A Human Voice For Your Business

Engaging your audience should be a priority as your followers like to talk to other people. Don’t automate your social presence by coming off too strong or sounding like a robot. Being overly salesy and corporate will make people disconnect as they will view you as boring. Go for the human connection.

Whoever is in charge of your Facebook business page should be able to write in a voice that sounds likeable and real. Make sure the content is informative, interesting and shareable and that the tone suits your brand.

If you don’t have time to post yourself, you can schedule posts to be posted automatically at pre-determined times.


2. Determine The Ideal Timing And Frequency Of Your Posts

Unlike traditional media such as television (yes, technology is evolving fast) and magazines, social media is built around frequent updates. Facebook users need to see that you are updating your business page with fresh material. Failure to do this will make people see your business as unreliable or unauthentic.

You need to judge how often your target audience wants to hear from you. Also, find the correct time when your followers will be more active.

When’s the best time to post to Facebook? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as different businesses may find different times and days work best for them. Timing depends on a few factors like the region/s you’re targeting, what your target audience uses Facebook for, nature of your post and your goals.

Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays, and from 1-4pm on weekends. Weekends before 8am and after 8pm are the worst times to post on Facebook.


3. Complete Your About Page

It is unfortunate that in 2019 many Facebook ‘About Us’ sections are left barren. Your ‘About Us’ section is one of the first places visitors will look when they visit your page. A preview is shown beneath your profile picture. Users can navigate to the full section if they want to know more about your brand.

Include a brief but descriptive text about your business to give your audience what your business is all about. Ensure all information provided is in order, including contact info, social links, hours of business and your website address.


4. Don’t Use The Platform To Hard Sell

Facebook users regard the platform as a social space where they can connect with friends and family. Rather than approaching your audience as a serious business looking to sell aggressively, you should join conversations and be part of a community.

Avoid hard-sell strategies such as advertising a particular product/service repeatedly, or using advertising slogans. Doing this can result in some users posting negative comments about your business or worse, unfollowing you. You don’t want that.


5. Arrange Contests And Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a good contest?

Contests can bring your fans together and liven up your page in more ways than you can imagine. Many top brands run successful contests on Facebook resulting in added likes and increased brand awareness.

There are tons of wonderful contest apps you can use to run contests on Facebook. Notable mentions include Gleam and ShortStack.

Some ideas to consider include Fan of the week contest, submit a photo contest and comment to win. Polls and surveys are also great ways to generate discussion and get valuable insights from your audience.

You should ensure that you adhere to Facebook’s promotional guidelines to avoid penalties.


6. Use Pictures And Videos

Evident by the statistics above, photos and videos are a significant element of Facebook’s appeal.

The new Facebook timeline page design puts more emphasis on visual content. Utilize high-value quality content to keep your audience entertained and engaged.

Fun fact: over 317k status updates and 54k shared links are uploaded to Facebook every 60 seconds.

That’s a bucket load of content users share every minute.

Concentrating on quality over quantity will help you stand out from the content noise. If you are a personal trainer, for instance, you can post a short instructional video showing a certain exercise.

Facebook users now watch over 100 million hours of video every day. Videos start to play automatically in the News Feed, meaning even a short clip can appeal to many users.

People love it when Facebook delivers something they cannot get any other way.


7. Don’t Underestimate Instant Replies

As opposed to traditional emailing customer support, many consumers prefer communicating with brands directly through Facebook.

Response time is important when interacting with your audience on Facebook. Your mantra here is reply, reply, reply.

I can confidently say that Facebook Instant replies is the next big thing in social media marketing. Try to encourage your followers to post their own comments and respond to your posts. When they comment, respond promptly – within 24 hours is ideal. Late replies or ignoring questions from your followers will affect their willingness to engage with you, and you will gradually lose loyal followers.

Not all conversations need to be public though. If you are following up on an order issue or dealing with a customer complaint, spare your followers the intricate details by privately messaging the person.

Aim to earn the ‘very responsive to messages’ badge.


8. Utilize Your Cover Photo And Profile Picture

When creating your Facebook business page, you should pick a profile picture and cover photo that are both visually inspiring and able to connect with your followers.

The first thing a visitor sees when they visit your page is your cover photo, so ensure it is engaging, fun and exciting.

Facebook’s page design allows you to feature an 851*315-pixel cover photo at the top of your business Page. You can use brand images, photos, logos and other visual marks that represent your brand.

Avoid using info that users can find in your ‘About Us’ page, Call-To-Action buttons or current discounts.

If you have to use words, make sure they are worthy. Blatant self-promotion is a big no-no when it comes to cover photo selection.

For your profile picture, don’t spend a bunch of money on design. Use your company logo, as it is the image that represents your business. If you’re a consultant or a solopreneur, a headshot of yourself can do. Ensure it’s instantly recognisable and avoid changing is on a regular basis.

It goes without saying that you must have legal copyright to all your images.


9. Promote Your Business Page Outside Of Facebook

If you already have a Facebook business page, it makes sense to promote it throughout your business to reach a wider audience.

Provide your Facebook address on your business card, email signature, letterhead and website. You can also take advantage of Facebook paid ads to keep users engaged for extended periods. Direct web visitors to the sales pages, landing pages, and video.

Avoid posting misleading or sensational info as Facebook algorithm may demote or ban your page.


10. Intergrate Facebook Insights To Understand Your Clients Better

Take advantage of Facebook’s internal analytics tool to navigate the metrics on your business page performance and measure the success of your efforts. You will be surprised by the amount of data you can get about the people who choose to like your page.

You can get a summary of vital data such as New Likes, Post Engagement (how many people clicked, commented, liked or shared) and Reach (how many people viewed your posts) to understand the trends that affect your engagement and likes.

When you understand the behaviour of your audience, you can tailor your offers and posts to meet their interests and needs.


11. Go Live!

I can’t stress the value of video content enough.

Facebook live video is one of the best video content reach you can get for your business page. Facebook users watch it for 3 times as long and it draws 10 times as many comments as regular video.

Facebook prioritizes live video by sending notifications to potentially interested users and placing it at the top of the News Feed. Over 82% of brand audiences have a preference for live video over other forms of social media posts according to Livestream stats.

You can use live video to broadcast an event, reveal the winners to a recent promotion, show behind-the-scenes footage or unveil a new product.

The video may not be as high-quality as a professionally shot one, but it will get the job done.


12. Use A Call To Action (CTA)

You want to get something out of your marketing efforts at the end of the day.

Besides posting relevant and engaging content, you also want leads. Don’t expect your followers to know what you want to accomplish. State clearly what you’d like them to do by including a CTA.

CTA’s come in various forms and serve different purposes such as ‘send message’ ‘sign up’ or ‘call now.’

A Call to Action is the easiest way to send your audience in the right direction. Make sure your CTA is easily accessible.


13. Ask Your Customers And Followers To Write Testimonials For Your Page

When it comes to building a sense of community around your business, nothing beats testimonials and user-generated content.

Testimonials will help to build trust and ultimately push sales. 93% of shoppers rely on user-generated content to make a decision whether or not to buy a certain product according to Adweek.


14. Add Milestones

This feature allows you to highlight some of your biggest accomplishment as a business.

You can set milestones for past events that took place in your business.

Milestones are a convenient way to highlight key events like the launch of new products, opening a new branch, new partnership, award wins, ribbon cuttings and other notable achievements in business.


15. Engage With Other Pages In Your Niche

The simple fact that you have a Facebook page and content doesn’t mean you should stop there.

Facebook is one big community.

There’s no rule limiting your Facebook efforts to your own page. Tagging other businesses in your niche is a great idea as it gives you a chance of reaching their audience. Besides showing up in other pages’ feeds, you will gain some goodwill. It fosters a symbiotic relationship that will help you get more leads.

You can also leave comments on relevant posts that are related to your area of interest. Keep your loyal fans informed by sharing industry news and hot topics from a trusted source.



It is becoming more and more crucial to employ a more personal approach to Facebook marketing to stand out from the crowd.

With more businesses creating and using Facebook Business pages, your competition is getting tighter by the minute.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to Facebook marketing, and it may seem confusing at first. Using the above-discussed Facebook business page tips is a giant step in the right direction. As you gain more expertise, you can branch out to complex strategies.